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Tejas Vending is in the business of helping bar owners, VFW Posts, and business owners make thousands of dollars every month, and the best part about it is it’s free! No Cost! Nada!

I know you are asking yourself, “What is the catch? It has to be a gimmick,” but it is not! We provide Sweepstakes Games that are fun, entertaining and legal for your existing customers to play and bring in new customers. People will stay in your facility longer and spend more money. By your becoming a sponsor, you get a percentage of income for providing the location for us to put the games. The money you earn is considered rent and is passive income. We pay all costs for computers, equipment, and installation and training. All you do is collect the money.


Tejas Vending represents not one, but multiple game systems. Tejas Vending pays the highest license fee in the industry (2 times more), but it is worth it because of the superior games. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for” and best of all, Tejas Vending absorbs the additional cost.

Let us show you today how legal sweepstakes games can make you serious money. 


We also have four other profit centers that can bring you more revenue, profits, and happy customers! These services can work great independently or can have an awesome compounding effect when combined.

We will send you a full report and help you discover the right services for your customers and your bottom line.  

"I am the manager of a bar in Taylor, Texas... Our bar had sweepstakes games by another company, which had been there for years. Tejas Vending came in and installed new games... Our sales immediately shot up and have gone from $5,000 per month in Games business to over $30,000 per month. It is incredible..."

"...In less than three months, our bar has become the #1 grossing bar in the USA! We also attended ceremonies where Tejas Vending made substantial donations to our local American Legion. We are ecstatic to be doing business with Tejas Vending. They are family owned and good “down to earth” fellow Texans."

Sherry Bayles | Taylor, TX

Shana Cook | Travis County, TX

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